Creative Futures’ artists in residence project at the Aberdeen Centre for Environmental Sustainability (ACES), Aberdeen. 2011

Creative residencies at ACES 2011

During the run up to the ACES conference in Aberdeen this August, four creative practitioners have been working with members of the ACES team and other affiliated and interested parties to explore the theme of Conflicts in Conservation.

The creative practitioners are:
Dalziel and Scullion, environmental artists
Helen Denerley, sculptor
Huw Warren, jazz pianist
Esther Woolfson, writer

Project manager:
Sera James Irvine

The residencies have been funded by Creative Scotland’s Creative Futures program and supported by ACES and the University of Aberdeen.

‘Creative Futures’ is an ambitious program of residencies and related activities designed to promote the professional development, vision, connectivity and ambitions of Scotland’s creative practitioners and organisations. It is the largest coordinated residency programme in Europe, and includes residencies that are single discipline, interdisciplinary, cross sectoral and international.


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