Emrys Williams show at Left Bank, Tarland. September 2010

New ink drawings and watercolours by Emrys Williams.

Preview September 10th 2010
6pm – 8pm

The artist will be present at the preview.

Show runs until 25th September 2010

Emrys Williams was born in Liverpool in the late 1950s. He studied at The Slade School of Fine Art and has exhibited widely both in London and throughout the UK.
He has lived and worked in Wales for many years and is currently on the advisory committee for Wales at the Venice Biennale.

Artist statement
‘My work develops a vocabulary of imagery that explores ideas to do with memory, the subjective nature of our experience and “mental space”. The paintings have qualities of spatial displacement, and ambiguity, with images derived from various sources. As well as creating images I am interested in exploiting the material qualities and elements of chance and suggestion that the manipulation of paint on different surfaces can bring about, whether it be on a large scale in oil and wax on canvas or the fluidity of work in watercolour on paper.

It is important for me to work quickly and intuitively; I see each work as a journey that unfolds, very much in the moment and there is a sense of a “stream of consciousness” in different scales and formats.’

Emrys Williams April 2010

The show will also include new works on paper made specifically for the exhibition.

“Another Place” 2010 is a series of ink drawings ( all 55cm x 76 cm on Waterman watercolour or khadi handmade paper) made as wall installation piece for a show at the Left Bank.

The drawings were a response to the album “Another World” by Antony and the Johnsons “.



‘Palm and boat’

‘Small red sails’


‘Large table’

‘Chair, boat, lake’

‘Chair, boat, mountain’

Click here for a link to the artist’s web page.


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