WASPS gallery, Edinburgh: ‘Drawing ahead’ new work by Joyce Gunn Cairns, Sera James Irvine, Mary Archibald and Sarah Gittins

Second opening:  Saturday 15th May 11am – 1pm

Coffee and cake, all welcome.

‘Cloud passing over Bogston hill’ Sera James Irvine

Joyce Gunn Cairns

‘Mona Lisa’ Joyce Gunn Cairns

”   I am seeking a connection with all sentient life in my work, whether it is wildlife or figurative, and I hope that at times my work conveys such connectedness.  Otherwise it has no meaning. ”   JGC

Joyce Gunn Cairns  is currently working towards three other exhibitions:   Skin Deep at the Royal College of Surgeons, focussing on facial deformity and plastic surgery;   The Citizens Theatre in Glasgow (as part of her ongoing commitment to drawing writers and actors);   and New College, Cambridge in Spring 2011, a solo show of figurative work on a literary theme.     She has been exhibiting regularly for over twenty years, at home and abroad.  She has works in major collections:  The Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh City Council, and the Universities of Edinburgh, Cambridge, and Oxford.  A book about her and her work, “Unspoken Lines” , is available from The Henderson Gallery in Edinburgh.

Mary Archibald
‘Doll’ Mary Archibald

Sarah Gittins

Joyce Gunn Cairns  is an established artist, exhibiting on a regular basis at home and abroad, most recently Munich, Sydney, Oxford, London, Brussels, and Glasgow. She has drawings in the permanent collections of the Scottish National Portrait Gallery; Edinburgh City Council; and Oxford, Cambridge and Edinburgh Universities. Joyce is a professional member of the Society of Scottish Artists (SSA).

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