Mary Lloyd Jones, landscape paintings inspired by Orkney. Show runs until Saturday 28th November


Preview Friday 6th November 2009
6pm – 8.30pm

Artist statement: ‘ As  painter, my vocbulary is a collection of marks. These can be memories of hillsides, cloud shadows, leaves in the wind or rock faces. To these have been added graffiti on walls, The Ogham and Bardic alphabets, and the spirals zig-zags and linear inventions of prehistoric carvings which represent values that are in stark contrast to our global technological age. Through my work i try to create links with the past, with the lives of previous generations, with folk memory, myths and legends all of which contribute to the atmosphere of the landscape. I would like to bring about a heightened awareness of the land and the multifaceted nature of our understanding of it.
Archaeology is a fruitful source of visual ideas. Following this interest led to my first visit to the Orkneys, some of the resulting work can be seen in this exhibition.’ MLJ

Mary Loyd Jones Front 1 copy

MLJ Orkney copy



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