Aberdeenshire SOUND festival events at Left Bank. Pete Stollery, Ross Whyte, Miriama Young and Lisa O’ Brien.

Ross Whyte, ‘Fog’

Friday 13th November. 7.30pm

Fog is an audio-visual installation which explores the theme of communication breakdown. Initially inspired by the aphasia of the composer Maurice Ravel, Fog attempts to place the listener in the role of composer through the use of headphones and video.

Miriama Young, ‘Disappearing lightly, like that’

Saturday 14th November. 7.30pm

This intimate parlour concert features new music for voice. Music which explores the human voice as a vessel for conveying story and song. The voice will be diffused through a multi-channel surround sound system so that the listener is immersed in a tranquil, ambient landscape of song and narrative.

Booking is advised as there are a limited number of tickets for each performance.

Left Bank residency with Lisa O’ Brien

October 9th – 14th November

Lisa O’Brien wil be in residence at the gallery from 9th to the 14th Novemr.

More details and details of extended gallery opening hours during this week to follow.

Pete Stollery, ‘Altered Images’

Friday 30thOctober. 7.30pm

An evening of electroacoustic music consisting of journeys in sound which will take you to familiar and unfamiliar places. The evening will include Serendipities and Synchronicities and Altered Images by Pete Stollery, and will culminate in a performance of Paul Rudy‘s Degrees of Separation; Grandchild of Tree for amplified cactus (echinocactus grusonii) and digital sound.


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