Pete Stollery


Pete Stollery will be performing:
‘Sound and Place’
Sound Art and Electroacoustic Music…from the North-East of Scotland to Paris.

Wednesday 12th November
Please book in advance; limited seating.

Music, projected over a loudspeaker system, made from sounds recorded in Aberdeenshire as part of the Gordon Soundscape Project and scènes, rendez-vous made from sounds recorded in Paris and inspired by Claude Lelouch’s film C’ était un Rendez-vous, featuring a wild drive through Paris in a Mercedes.

Tickets £7 from Left Bank

Sound Festival


One thought on “Pete Stollery

  1. What a fantastic evening I enjoyed listening through Stollery’s journey of sounds both familiar and new.

    It was a real privilege to have sera treat myself and guests to some of her fantastic cooking… I smile remembering the amazing plum pavlova. It’s brilliant there’s a cafe/gallery/venue full of such good experiences in the area. Cheers!

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